Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thunder told Sohu, "Anti-Piracy Alliance," the defendant is facing embarrassment

"Two-man alliance" was questioned

Internet event in 2009 probably can not fall in September just past Charles Zhang and Youku battle saliva copyright dispute. Layman watch the fun, professional and Calligraphy: Video cakes delicious match for Sohu it brings the most good at the hype of his banner! In this massive war of words, the market will develop as expected, such as Charles Zhang is difficult to predict . However, the "Anti-Piracy Alliance" recently was faced with many questions of voice: Sohu's Sogou search was accused of music piracy is the biggest base of excellent friends Bullock in the network television rights protection in the first case of a joint trial of the accused was a compensation. Charles Zhang and Shao Ding deep to "denounce the door."

Low-profile high-profile prosecution of Thunder

Recently, the reporter learned that: The incident the other stakeholders Thunder also changed in the past low-key attitude, Sohu announced that Thunder will be formally charged. Thunder now the fact of infringement of copyright for Sohu evidence has been completed and will soon take legal action. Thunder insiders spoke: "We will not be sued at every turn tens of millions of other speculation, speculation is not our strength, not to mention that we think can not really get the market speculation. We just want to tell the market a message: Sohu would like to enter the video field of blame However, speculation with the concept of cliques, to dominate the market in order to achieve the purpose, might as well stop and do what products do more to get the desired return on the market. "

Close combat, deep grudges

It is learned that Thunder and Sohu and had a good friend Pollock's long-standing grudges. Thunder dog search market position approaching Sohu's Sogou search, Thunder to see amount of genuine VOD is Sohu's almost 6 times, so Charles Zhang Wrath! Excellent friends Bullock and Thunder is a direct business competition is not between the Internet Video-on-demand business in direct competition, but to be excellent friends Bullock's strategy to enter the television and the pioneer of end markets Thunderbolt close combat, so Shao Ting is also angry with it! Union at all costs and Thunder Sike. At present, the network video industry, surging undercurrent, it is learned, as Sohu hype-type drive up the price of copyright means to achieve competitive advantage has been touched to the current distributor of several major direct benefits of copyright, breaking industry rules, several master Sohu evidence of violations distributors have been quietly taking of evidence on the Sohu piracy work, do not rule out the possibility of large-scale prosecutions. Thunder out of the first step, and perhaps tip of the iceberg.

Video market, users have the final say

Spoiler to stumble, saliva Battle has become something of the theme of this dispute. As Internet users, would like to see is a genuine smooth clear video content, rather than the "video business set-to large." Internet users want: video market, we have the final say!

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