Friday, October 22, 2010

Samsung's infringement of its patent prosecution Spansion

U.S. flash memory chip maker Spansion Monday announced that it has on the world's largest chip maker, Samsung sued, Spansion said it violated the patent.

According to foreign media reports, Spansion in the proceedings asking the court to prohibit the production of chips using the Samsung mobile phones, Mp3 players, digital cameras and laptops and other electronic equipment imported from foreign countries into the U.S. market.

An executive said Spansion, Spansion has in the past few years trying to reach a licensing agreement with Samsung, but no progress. Spansion CEO Bertrand Cambou said: "Samsung refused us by peaceful means to resolve their infringing acts, then we have to defend their rights to make things."

Cambou that legal action may be able to facilitate an agreement three weeks to reconsider the issue with Spansion.

But Cambou also said that if Samsung is still no interest in the agreement, Spansion will seek legal protection. Spansion submitted to the Trade Commission in the 43-page complaint in violation of the company described Samsung's 10 patents, and asked for proper compensation. Spansion in the complaint that they violated the patent of Samsung flash memory chips can bring an average of about 70 billion in sales.

Samsung spokesman declined comment.

Spansion1993 by a joint venture of AMD and Fujitsu. December 2005, Spansion as an independent company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Spansion is the world's third-largest flash memory supplier, behind Samsung and Toshiba.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Teach you how to identify memory polished

On the memory of the brand and production, there are many users recognize errors, which is often the production of memory chips, memory manufacturers and vendors produce real confused.

We usually say that the modern means of production such as names are on the memory chip names, instead of the real production of the memory manufacturers. For HY such big manufacturers, they will check the quality of chips, most of them excellent particle performance available to the brand such as Kingston and other memory manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the bulk of memory is also prevalent in the market by special manufacturers, but these vendors are small, no fame. Therefore, they simply do not play the brand. In addition, HY many manufacturers such branch, the bulk of the HY market, there are many brands of memory.

Objectively, the quality of these products can be described as good and some bad luck may very well, and vice versa is more terrible. In addition, the market there is another way of "polishing" is posted in the original memory particles to a layer of very hard plastic paper, disguised as another brand of memory particles, the general modern chips are a lot of counterfeiting. The original general granular memory chips are not well known particles. Because of this false reality are not polished, so I do not carefully look hard to find. But after treatment, the particles should be thicker memory, compare the memory will get to see authentic.

There are also a number of memory used is unknown small factory chip-chip after being sprayed with a layer of black print on a modern identity. Identification method: painting the sliver surface Ao Tugan, straining his hand to pull the paint will pull out. The most obvious is the chip's pins have some black spots, are not careful when painting up to.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

CMM assessment in China Suggestions

From the U.S. software industry can be seen, the software industry has structured production (1975 -1 995), the process-centered mode of production (1985 -2 005) and industrial production (1995 - present), etc. 3 stages.
China's software organizations in the software process of the present situation can be summarized as the following three aspects: First, China is produced by the structured approach to process-centered mode of production and industrial production forward. At present, many enterprises (whether state or private companies) recognized that in accordance with the CMM software process improvement, implementation of scientific and systematic management, to improve the organization's software capability maturity, it shows that with a strong driving force to improve the self. Second, the current along the way there are still some difficulties, as some organizations want to improve the ability of ISO9000 and CMM maturity, but they are not familiar with the concept of CMM, CMM and ISO9000 do not know exactly what difference between. Most software organizations in the software engineering theory and practice are rather weak, although the establishment of a software process, but the process stage is not obvious, software production disorder, on schedule, budget, forecast and control the quality of no force, often in the face of question to give up the original plan, attention to programming and testing, ignore the requirement analysis and architecture design. Senior management of the software management not enough attention, not equipped with adequate resources or qualified personnel to undertake the process of improvement. Third, the lack of documented process description, in particular the lack of working documents (such as process change requests report), workload statistics documents (such as time and workload of the tables, weeks status reports) and risk management documents (such as the risk estimates report, risk evaluation report). Lack of process and product measurement, software process, very little historical data, it is difficult to workload based on historical data and reasonable estimate of progress. Various software organizations should be based on the current state of knowledge, according to CMM standards to identify gaps. Where the gap is not mature enough, nor is the software process management should be strengthened to improve the place.
Software process improvement is a component of the work contains a lot of management technology, which includes the following three key steps: comparing the current state and expected to achieve the status, identify gaps; to determine which of the gap to change, to change to what degree; develop specific implementation plans accordingly, including the "specific" means: to have a clear, verifiable goals; to set testing standards for success; have specific means of implementation; specific implementation plan of the person designated and clearly the specific responsibilities and tasks; to clear the main leaders of the implementation plan or coordinator to be responsible for implementation of the plan to solve the problems; to list "implementation plan" by the application of new technologies and new tools and how to obtain these new technologies and new tools.
China's software industry in the ascendant, the implementation of CMM in the starting line to change the culture of China's software engineering to improve the quality of software personnel, not only of great significance to our economy, but also to improve the quality of software enterprises, and enhance the international competitiveness of software enterprises the necessary precondition but also for the software to create the conditions for export. CMM is a better software to improve the framework, but CMM is given only to do, and did not give what to do. Therefore necessary to seriously study how to follow the CMM model to the specific operation problems.
To better understand the CMM, to improve software organization's process management skills, successfully passed the CMM assessment, based on our assessment of CMM research and practice, given the following recommendations: senior management should focus more attention on process improvement, full-time set up process improvement teams. This is because the ideas and process improvement is the change in the way work is changing the corporate culture, which involves most of the enterprise staff. On the other hand due to the process of industrial production for the center is the software one of the three pillars, only attach great importance to strengthen the research, study and practice, to really make software production to industrialization direction.
In software process improvement should be equipped with the necessary resources, to establish a sizable improvement team, the investment should be to achieve sufficient strength. Within the organization, we must first set up the software engineering process group (called SEPG), responsible for software process improvement task, and selection of qualified personnel as full-time SEPG team leader. According to foreign experience, most organizations need to account for the software development resources 5% to 10%, according to the world, the assessment of nearly 1,800 organizations proved to evaluate the effectiveness of CMM is the input of 4 times to 8 times.
The appropriate organizational structure, research in software engineering and software process improvement method is responsible for the development and implementation of process improvement plans, they are assessing the activities of the enterprise specific organizer. In the implementation of the plan process, pay attention to check its compliance, eg the event 鍋忕 should look for causes and take corrective action, they conduct your business Dingqi process diagnostics 鍐呴儴 appraisers and business process improvements to monitor the activities were.
To strengthen the training and conduct of the Capability Maturity Assessment have both high quality Director, appraisers, must be quite the process evaluation team, there must be a huge process improvement teams. To recognize that only qualified personnel to implement a good process maturity in order to produce a good product, should be generally carried out based on CMM and software engineering training to the personnel of each post with the process of improving the awareness and control are necessary process improvement knowledge and skills.
The data are the basis for process improvement, should pay attention to process and product measurement process. The project throughout the development process, especially in the landmark office, to the implementation of the data collection process, recording activities in the state, not only for the current project's measurement and analysis of data, but also as the historical data retained for reference for future projects. These data include: software size, effort, cost and schedule estimates and the actual data, product quality measurement data, demand change and risk analysis data.
Should pay attention to software configuration management and configuration management tools. The main purpose of configuration management in the project throughout the software life cycle software projects to establish and maintain the integrity of the product, the system control to change the configuration items and software engineering asset management organizations. Configuration management of the content of numerous complex rights management, development or procurement of a suitable configuration management tool is essential.
CMM assessment in our development, we must pay attention to intellectual import, hire foreign teachers to China, director of assessment for process evaluation, but also strive to cultivate our own appraisers competent director. This is because China is not only a potential IT power, but also because of CMM implementation and is closely related to a country's culture. In addition, to improve the software process itself is a process that requires long-term access to a qualified director help appraisers. Authorities should support all walks of life and support the director of training our own appraiser, the appraiser training director as new ideas and new knowledge, new products. To fully understand the long-term process improvements and arduous. Upgrade process maturity is a process in itself, but also a life cycle. Therefore, the process improvement work with all the process must have inherent characteristics, not quick success.
In the CMM assessment, it is necessary to promote the Capability Maturity Model CMM and PSP Personal Software Process and Team Software Process ISP organically integrated, and close attention to new trends in process improvement. Throughout the software industry authorities should support and coordination, the overall strength of the community and increase the software process improvement research, evaluation and implementation of efforts to push forward China's software industry. First of all in-house team of process improvement to establish a large, active research, practice and promote process improvement. CMM Director of appraisers carefully established team, carefully set up the doors of the course team of qualified teachers. But also through the mechanism of market competition, process improvement support and the establishment of advisory bodies and intermediaries.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thunder told Sohu, "Anti-Piracy Alliance," the defendant is facing embarrassment

"Two-man alliance" was questioned

Internet event in 2009 probably can not fall in September just past Charles Zhang and Youku battle saliva copyright dispute. Layman watch the fun, professional and Calligraphy: Video cakes delicious match for Sohu it brings the most good at the hype of his banner! In this massive war of words, the market will develop as expected, such as Charles Zhang is difficult to predict . However, the "Anti-Piracy Alliance" recently was faced with many questions of voice: Sohu's Sogou search was accused of music piracy is the biggest base of excellent friends Bullock in the network television rights protection in the first case of a joint trial of the accused was a compensation. Charles Zhang and Shao Ding deep to "denounce the door."

Low-profile high-profile prosecution of Thunder

Recently, the reporter learned that: The incident the other stakeholders Thunder also changed in the past low-key attitude, Sohu announced that Thunder will be formally charged. Thunder now the fact of infringement of copyright for Sohu evidence has been completed and will soon take legal action. Thunder insiders spoke: "We will not be sued at every turn tens of millions of other speculation, speculation is not our strength, not to mention that we think can not really get the market speculation. We just want to tell the market a message: Sohu would like to enter the video field of blame However, speculation with the concept of cliques, to dominate the market in order to achieve the purpose, might as well stop and do what products do more to get the desired return on the market. "

Close combat, deep grudges

It is learned that Thunder and Sohu and had a good friend Pollock's long-standing grudges. Thunder dog search market position approaching Sohu's Sogou search, Thunder to see amount of genuine VOD is Sohu's almost 6 times, so Charles Zhang Wrath! Excellent friends Bullock and Thunder is a direct business competition is not between the Internet Video-on-demand business in direct competition, but to be excellent friends Bullock's strategy to enter the television and the pioneer of end markets Thunderbolt close combat, so Shao Ting is also angry with it! Union at all costs and Thunder Sike. At present, the network video industry, surging undercurrent, it is learned, as Sohu hype-type drive up the price of copyright means to achieve competitive advantage has been touched to the current distributor of several major direct benefits of copyright, breaking industry rules, several master Sohu evidence of violations distributors have been quietly taking of evidence on the Sohu piracy work, do not rule out the possibility of large-scale prosecutions. Thunder out of the first step, and perhaps tip of the iceberg.

Video market, users have the final say

Spoiler to stumble, saliva Battle has become something of the theme of this dispute. As Internet users, would like to see is a genuine smooth clear video content, rather than the "video business set-to large." Internet users want: video market, we have the final say!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trust by the Bank through the East, TongLINK / Q acclaimed

June 27, 2007, by the People's Bank of organizations of the National Check Image Exchange System will conduct a nationwide promotion, which means that China's modernization and further improve the payment system function. This is a project benefits the country, is the People's Bank following the large, micro-payment system after the completion of another major financial infrastructure, the system completed, it will change a long time to use our check only the situation in the same city achieve a check in the same city or other places across the country use. This is China's financial industry and the promotion of inter-regional exchanges and economic development of funds of great significance.

My check is the most widely used tool for non-payment of one advanced in 2005, a total of 1.8 billion document checks, totaling 350 trillion yuan. December 18, 2006, the system began in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei and Shenzhen six provinces (municipalities) test run, the test run period, relying on the central bank's modern payment system, as well as sound business banking outlets, as of 3 the end of six provinces and cities between 12,000 document by check image exchange system to achieve fully reflects the real-time fund settlement system, the national capital and pay people to go and vote with the safe and efficient, and other areas.

In China, the financial industry had been in the construction and application of information the forefront of information system security, stability and fast response and so has very strict requirements. The national check image exchange system involving all commercial banks nationwide, the People's Bank of provincial branches and the People's Bank of votes Exchange, the construction of the system not only meet the rapid transmission of business data security, but also between different systems to meet compatibility and connectivity. Therefore, the system need messaging middleware, messaging middleware and performance on demanding.

Given the importance of message oriented middleware, the vendor selection, the central bank designated TongTech (TongTech) and IBM middleware products for the system, which fully reflects the largest middleware vendor as the East Tong (TongTech) by the central bank strength trust and recognition. Analysts pointed out that, after ten years of development, continue to grow our middleware vendors have sprung up to par with foreign giants to vendors, and won the support of domestic users, the East Pass (TongTech) is the best proof of this to the middle pieces started to become the software industry to promote the overall development of China's breakthrough, and become an important information technology assistance.

It is understood that during the trial operation in the system, the central bank, Huaxia Bank, China Construction Bank and other banks have chosen the East Pass (TongTech) messaging middleware TongLINK / Q. In practical application, TongLINK / Q to meet the demand for information transmission, and messaging middleware products with different message formats on request of their respective areas demonstrated by the excellent performance achieved great recognition and praise.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photoshop Material Series: The Fog

In fact, I think that using 3D software to build the water texture more than Photoshop to be true, but here I want to introduce is a very cool technique to create mist material, I hope you will help.

1, create a new document, a width of 300pixels, height 200pixels, black background
2, where I first use the shape tool to create a water area, click the "U" key, draw a rectangle selection.

3, select the menu Edit> Transform> Perspective, according to the figure deformation.

4, fun part begins, create a new layer, this layer will use the brush to add a mist effect. Click the "B" key to select the brush tool, called the Splatter brush to find, select 59pixels, as shown in the rectangular edge of the smear.

5, and then add some blur effects, select the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set to 8, this will give you the edge with a brush painting a very good harmony together with the rectangle.
6, and then create a new layer, using the same steps above, just brush a brighter color of the color of choice, I use color to # 0099ff, select the light blue for the foreground and then increase the brush effect, then the the transparency of this layer down to 25, well, as shown results.

7, at board level, click Properties to open mixed layer mixing panel, select the Drop Shadow use the default value plus the shadow effect, select Bevel Emboss and then according to the figure set.

8, spray material to complete! How, you make compared to the results and plan how? Of course, you also can add layers, add different colors to give a better depth of water mist.

Look at the pair plan to add such a spray material is not cool, there is a Hawaii-like tropical feel? Oh, next time!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jie Mi Foxconn employees jumped the truth

Editor's Note

This has already occurred in March is the third casualty incident. Shenzhen Longhua, Foxconn's biggest OEM factory in China, one after another in the event of tragedy.

March 29, 2009 at 3 pm, Longhua, Bao'an District, Shenzhen Foxconn Technology Park, a 23-year-old man from Hunan Province Foxconn staff quarters upstairs from falling, died on the spot. The incident was alleged to have employees with another man was seriously injured jumping together, now save the. Prior to the March 11 At 9 am, a 20-year-old employee named Li Foxconn Fuji Kang Longhua base "falls dead," police are still investigating the cause of death; March 17 shortly after 8 am, Foxconn Tien women jumped from a dormitory, "fall injury." What makes the Foxconn one after another tragedy? Which in the end, what untold story of hiding?

"China Business" reporter at the scene depth, Longhua, Shenzhen, more than a week, trying to Foxconn's operating system by revealing to explore business accidents frequent underlying causes.

First-line investigation

Employees within one month of death and injury accidents in 3 cases

Foxconn doubt: the issue of "sudden death" to prove

In late March, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, the weather turns warm again, the road on both sides of the common star fruit has been put on new green, and others out a red flower.

However, some more fresh young lives are in the March to the end.

March 29, 2010 at 3 pm (reporters and sub, Bao'an, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau police station to verify the time of pine), Foxconn Technology Group (the "Foxconn"), Longhua, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, a 23-year-old Liu base Hunan man, surnamed employees "falls dead."

This is the March of Fuji Kang Longhua base be exposed since the first three cases of death and injury incidents. This is the Foxconn in Shenzhen since 2010, bases be exposed for the first four cases of "jumping" case. This was in July 2009 Foxconn 25 employees Sundan Yong "suicide" after the first five cases of "jumping" case.

Earlier, on March 11 At 9 am, a 20-year-old employee named Li Foxconn Fuji Kang Longhua base "falls dead," police are still investigating the cause of death; March 17 shortly after 8 am, Foxconn Tien women jumped from a dormitory, "fall injury", currently lying in Longhua People's Hospital ("the Longhua Hospital") ICU (IntensiveCareUnit, Intensive care unit).

"Patients very unstable mood, though from the most dangerous period, but I am afraid to amputated lower limbs." March 29, Longhua Hospital, ICU director, surnamed Li, want to block access to "China Business" reporter. The hospital allows only immediate family members Hetian pm daily peek once.

Earlier on January 23, the 19-year-old horse Foxconn For employees forward in Xuchang, Henan, Zhang Hang Path Village in Mission Hills Training Foxconn factory in South China (the "Fuji Kang Guanlan base") died. Investigating the case, Baoan, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Branch of Matsumoto station (the "Matsumoto police station") issued by letter, the horse forward line, "high fall dead before his death."

1 or 2

March 29, jumped to the news staff Longhua Foxconn End of the World community, the first seen in "The Wandering topics for" channel, which is also released in Malaysia to move the families of the "main front" one.

9:30 the same day, the net called "yp880928" of users in the End of the World websites, message: "at four o'clock on the March 29, 2010, is located in Longhua Huazhen Fu recreational and Technology Group, F3 base in the evening at the same time two Foxconn employees jumping at the same time. "

Message 1, which attracted a large number of Internet users attention. As of March 31, page views have more than 410,000 times, more than 2,500 Replies. Foxconn and the news sparked concern of local police. After another day of news media inquiries to its call.

"Noon, there will be continuous media." Sub, Bao'an, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau police station pine (the "pine police station") cases of team vice captain Li Yongjun told the "China Business" reporter. Fuji Kang Longhua pine base station is the nearest distance from the public security agencies.

Li Yongjun said, when the accident occurred about 3:30 am. After receiving the 110, Pine station duty police rushed to the scene. "The Interpol forensic unit to understand and preliminary examination, the deceased named Liu, 23 years old, Foxconn male employees, Loudi, Hunan, has now informed their families," said Li Yongjun, "can determine the stresses (those jumping) is an employee instead of two. "

In this connection, "China Business" reporter trying to get proof from the Longhua Hospital.

"This morning, after 120 received a call that went to Foxconn. But the 120 arrived, the patient had died." Longhua Hospital Medical Services director of the then best known, the specific cause of death is not clear.

But "China Business" reporter found that the time sequence, the pine and the Longhua Hospital, saying the police station to say a conflict. Li Yongjun said 3:30 110 Alarm telephone, pine base station from the Fuji Kang Longhua not more than 2 km, the basic can be reached within 10 minutes, but "the scene, the ambulance had gone." Lee referred to the scene as "quarters downstairs." And Zhan-jia, Longhua Hospital, 120 admissions inquiries, call time 4:47 to 4:37,120 ambulance arrived, "Foxconn clinic" patients have died without emergency treatment.

Clearly, in order of arrival time, arrival location, the Pine Longhua Hospital, police stations and the description is not consistent. In the jumping in the end who is a person or issue 2, 2010 3 鏈?30 鏃?8:57, "yp880928" log in again End of the World, published sources, "netizens Hello, everybody, what is really (a), night I am working at night, by the security field cards confiscated, and warned that I'm not going out, or to death I am not I do not want it (get) show buddies really afraid, Foxconn is also (a) private thugs ah. "As newspaper dispatch, "yp880928" no longer log on End of the World, the End of the World's last logon time at 9:39 on March 30, 2010.

"Jumping" suspense

In fact, not only on March 29 of Liu the cause of death unknown, many doubt; January 23 occurs at the base of the horse forward Fuji Kang Guanlan death, family members also have many questions remain unanswered.

March 23 afternoon and was informed that horse forward the results of the second autopsy has been sent to Shanghai, Ma Li group to Matsumoto station query. Ma Li group is forward of the Third Sister Ma; horse forward on Jan. 23 about 4:30 am at the base of Fuji Kang Guanlan died from Matsumoto station is responsible for investigating and handling.

After waiting more than two hours later, Ma Li group met outside the meeting returned Matsumoto Liu Bin, director of the police station. "There has not received, the families will be notified upon receipt." Liu Bin, Ma Li base answer again let down.

Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Justice on February 25 by Matsumoto family commissioned police station and horse forward, in the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Forensic Testing Center (the "Forensic Center") on the horse forward a second autopsy. The need for a second autopsy, is rooted in Ma Li group were Matsumoto station for processing the results of the previous three "unsatisfactory."

"China Business" reporter on March 25 at the forensic center to see the wall, "the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau of Forensic autopsy in the public system" introduced "Identification of rights and obligations", said, "Identification of people to enjoy the full understanding of the case, asked commission Identification and characterization of the principal to provide detailed material on the fraud and conceal the truth or do not meet the test, reject or suspend identification, application for withdrawal, as well as other rights provided by law. " However, groups such as Ma Li received the first autopsy concluded only a simple "horse falling forward line during his lifetime high death" 10 words, without any explanation. For Ma Li Kwan asked why the delay in not filing, Liu Bin said, "high fall dead before his death," that is not a criminal case, no placed on file.

April 1, family members finally received Ma forward, Baoan, Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Branch of Matsumoto station's telephone. 3:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm, family members received two documents, one is the "conclusions notice"; a notice is not placed on file. Their families are still not satisfied, proposed to open second autopsy video, which Liu Bin said: "The meeting has been recording the whole process, in time to see."

"Shenzhen speed"

Ma Hui (horse forward big sister), Mary group raised many questions, not only to those mentioned above, other, including many now can not get the police to respond to the doubts.

"The autopsy, we have proposed to employ the scene forensic applications from other provinces. But on Feb. 10 to inform us at the autopsy, we are prepared to hire forensic Henan Province from home, just to catch up with Henan snow, no way in the February 12 9:00 to Shenzhen, therefore, on February 12 of the anatomy is the Shenzhen police forensic their own choice. "said Ma Li group.

In addition, the horse forward before the second autopsy, Ma has proposed three conditions: 1. To please other provinces throughout the forensic field in the anatomical view (two days in advance to notify us forward identification of the dead horse family time and location, to facilitate the forensic to Shenzhen). 2. The whole family with two video cameras. 3. To allow the media on-site supervision.

But on February 25 of the second autopsy, only the first condition is met, and the identification of the judicial branch, took the decision and hire Bao.

In fact, not unique to the family of the horse to move things happen because there are many questions and follow-up process. "March 14 or 15, her daughter is still the phone to us that parents be assured that I am here 'blame good', do not worry, be at 8 o'clock on the 17th occurred in the child jumping on things. "March 29, the father of Tien Tien Party told the" China Business "reporter, who quickly came to Shenzhen two weeks, though very anxious, but did not draw any conclusions.

Foxconn's approach is to help the field on behalf of the Party and so rented a hotel, let to live in Hua Teng mandarin hotel near the hospital. Mazi Shan (horse forward father) one, too, after the death of horse forward, Foxconn that helped Ma rent on behalf of peace in the town of Mission Hills business hotel, three meals a day meal.

This event has been the industry's close attention to senior lawyer told the "China Business" reporter, Foxconn is one way to appease family members, hoping to trace extended family members after the determination to kill; the other hand, because different families of the victims were in a different location We could not united to an explanation. As for the generation of rental costs, are likely in the future, compensation is deducted from the compensation fee.

Business hotel staff told the peace, "China Business" reporter, Foxconn staff every day Development tickets, so he first entered late in March, the hotel has no invoice.

March 29 afternoon, "China Business" reporter in the Fuji Kang Longhua base main gate waiting for nearly 2 hours, the other media staff have not received an interview, said first fax, not receiving. Reporter was issued at noon had sent fax after fax the second time, the person claimed to have received, will be given by hand contact, but so far, not an interview.

March 30 morning, "China Business" reporter went to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Baoan Branch for confirmation. In addition to the outside closed doors and patrol dogs, the council has not received an interview.


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